Sang-Hee de Mailly Nesle

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© Chantal Walker
© Chantal Gagnon

Little did I know that my scuba diving trip to Thailand in 2004 would be where I discovered my passion for jewellery. I stumbled into a street lined with numerous gemstones stores where one of the owners offered to show me a few techniques. I ended up staying in the store for over 4 hours to avoid a tropical rain storm only to return the next day.

I returned to Montreal and began making jewellery as a hobby. I took classes in jewellery making techniques at the Montreal Jewellery School (2005-2008), the Visual Arts Centre and many other workshops to further discover different techniques of making silver jewellery.

My degrees in art history and years of experience curating art exhibitions provide a sound artistic foundation for my creations. When I minored in Fine Arts and wrote one of my theses on “Alexander Calder’s Jewellery”, I never thought that I would someday be creating jewellery.

The inspirations of my pieces mostly comes from the elements that I discover during my diving trips and strolls in nature. The colour compositions of my stones come from the influence of my mother’s artworks (Asian silk patch works).

Creating my pieces involves designing, sculpting wax, casting, sawing, filing, soldering , oxidizing, fusioning , reticulating, setting gemstones amongst other techniques.

I work essentially with silver, semi-precious stones and uneven and unpolished stones resulting in unique creations.

4 Responses to “Sang-Hee de Mailly Nesle”
  1. Johanne Royer dit :

    It is greaaaattt !
    Very refresching and unusual.
    Love it !

  2. Bernie dit :

    A thing of beauty is a joy for ever !

  3. Chantal dit :

    Magnifique travail Sang Hee ! Félicitations !

  4. Diane Chênevert dit :

    C’est MA-GNI-FI-QUE et fait par une personne tout aussi magnifique!

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