Brazen Design

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I have a soft spot for huge rings and super long earrings, despite my man hands and short neck. I attach too much sentimental value to jewellery and clothing cause I just can’t help my belief in their power as modern day armour.
I am happiest when I am using my hands to make a thing of beauty. So when stress triggered a chronic illness at the age of 18, my priorities became crystal clear. I knew creating satisfied my soul and strived to acquire the skills to live from my art. I left the city for the country. I left my meds behind.
I am a snob – I love noble and natural materials; precious metals, stones, ceramic, glass, seedswood & pearls. I’m a fanatic promoter of local and ethical products and production, to the point of being ranty and preachy (you can still read old posts on my old blog, Things That Go Bling, here.)
When I’m not running Brazen, I collaboratively create a line of home decor with my man. It’s all made from salvaged wood and precious metals – It’s called Blisscraft&Brazen and you can check it out here and buy our products here! We also have a blog, where we recount our adventures as city folk learning to be country mice.
I believe all we can do is aim to be our highest self, as much as we can. And forgive ourselves when we occasionally fail to do so.

About Brazen Design:

Brazen Design was launched in 2007, with the gracious help of YES Montreal and Montreal Mayor’s Youth Entrepreneurship award.
Brazen Design is a line of sterling silver jewelry that is big, bold and… well, brazen. Power bling for your soul. So you can be your most brazen self.
Pieces are often cast from a real budding branch, opening seed or fallen acorn. Occasionally a seed, a hunk of turquoise or an opalescent pearl will make its way into the collection.
The Brazen Design studio is nestled among the lakes and mountains of the Quebec Laurentians, the heart of Mother Nature herself.
Brazen Design bling is made of solid sterling silver, and designed to be handed down from generation to generation.
I hope you like. Actually, I hope you love.

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