The Angry Weather *Heat Wave* Collection

The Angry Weather’s new collection is a celebration of warmer weather, featuring collar necklaces, dangle earring and stacking rings. The materials chosen for this collection are silver and brass, which give the designs a bright and warm feel, just in time for spring! To shop the collection, visit her Etsy shop: And to read more … Lire la suite

The Angry Weather *SOLSTICE collection*

When I designed the SOLSTICE collection I felt the need to capture the long hours of bright, golden light during the hot summer days into a jewel that felt very easy to wear. Each piece has a minimalist, sometimes primitive feel to it. The SOLSTICE collection represents the search for a simpler, uncomplicated way of … Lire la suite

The Angry Weather *Nouvelle collection*

Iveth Morales est le cerveau, les mains et le cœur derrière The Angry Weather jewellery: des pièces élégantes et simples qui évoquent nos souvenirs d’enfances. Ses designs sont inspirés surtout par la nature: les montagnes, la forêt, les semences et l’univers imprévisible de la météo. Elle crée aussi des pièces inspirées du chez-soi: des petites … Lire la suite

The Angry Weather

Hi everyone, my name is Iveth, and i’m the mind, heart and hands behind The Angry Weather Jewelry. Most of my jewelry is inspired by dark skies, rain, lots of clouds and my admiration for the natural phenomenons of our world. The name Angry Weather came to me just before i opened my Etsy shop … Lire la suite